Porcelain Tile Diamond Blades


  • An exclusive mix of industrial quality diamonds and metal powders, creating a long lasting diamond blade

  • Hot pressed technology produces a consistent density of segments and rims that hold up to the toughest applications

  • Designed to cut virtually anything

  • High Diamond Concentration - Allows the blade to last longer and increase efficiency

  • Special Bond: Directly Sintered, Vacuum Brazed, or Laser Welded

  • Tensioned and Balanced - No wobble while using blade

  • 10mm diamond rim height, steel core, proprietary diamond bond

  • Fast, clean cut

  • Excellent for emergency situations

  • Lasts 100 times longer than an abrasive blade


4.5" x .060" x 5/8"

7" x .060" x 5/8"

8" x .060" x 5/8"

10" x .060" x 5/8"

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